A Comprehensive Guide For Selecting Eyeglass Frames!

When it comes to eyewear, especially sunglasses and frames, most people have a thing about trends. You might want to get a pair of eyeglasses that probably are of same league as your favorite celeb, but there’s more to that, especially if you have prescription power.

In this post, we are discussing further on how you can select eyeglass frames like a pro.

Size is important

We don’t want demean fashion or trends in anyway, but your eyeglasses must be proper. By proper, we just mean that the lenses should be positioned in a way that you get clear vision. If this is your first order, we recommend that you visit an eyecare clinic, which also offers glasses repair Houston, and get the size right. Eye size refers to the width of the lens, which is usually a range between 40 mm and 62 mm. Next is the bridge size, which basically refers to horizontal distance between the lenses. There’s also the temple size, which is the length of arm size. The first pair of eyeglasses should be purchased personally from a store, where you can try more sizes, find a match that works for you, and without compromising on your fashion needs.

Please note that smaller eyeglass frames can cause vision problems on the side, which you may want to avoid.

The current trends

Since are just talking about frames here, the trending ideas should be mentioned. Transparent and clear frames have been in vogue for a while, and if you want to experiment a bit further, go for giant, oversized eyeglasses. While there are no fixed norms anymore, colors like red and orange are trending at the moment, and so are animal prints. In fact, tortoiseshell is one of the most in-demand print in this category. Online stores may have good discounts, but when you have a complicated prescription and need to get something from a known brand, a personal visit, as we mentioned, might be idea.

Warranty and more

For eye frames, you can expect all brands to offer the standard one-year warranty on the product. Some eyecare clinics offer free repairs and adjustments for a long time, subject to the nature of the damage.

If the power is high, we would recommend that you go for high index lenses that will not weigh down the frame, especially an expensive frame with a charm of its own.

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