5 Secrets No Professional Headshot Photographer Shares with You

Believe it or not, your LinkedIn profile picture is a lot like your cover letter. This is what your potential employers will look at to form their first impressions of you. So, it is high time when you should consider enhancing your headshot by hiring professional headshot photographers to impress your prospective employers in no time. We have also listed some secrets some professional headshot photographers never share to get the most flattering LinkedIn profile picture among all.

  1. Admitting you have a problem.

Have a look at your LinkedIn profile picture. Maybe it was captured 5 years ago, and maybe it’s a personal one of you holding a can of beer. So, what do you think that does this picture give away a chunk of personal life that your employers must not know about? If you answer yes, then it is high time that you make a change. You want a high quality professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile.

  1. When in doubt, go pro.

Many people are bestowed with the selfie clicking skills against the effortless proper backdrops. And many people tend to admit defeat when they scroll through their blurry and lopsided photos. If you are more of the latter then consider hiring a professional headshot photographer.

  1. If you go pro, don’t just hire someone from the mall.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring some aggressive teenagers who work at the mall to get you some professional headshots done. You need to find a proper professional headshot photographer who is caring enough to work with you and take pictures you would most definitely be proud of. You can search online or consider asking someone who knows someone who can get this job done successfully.

  1. If you choose to DIY, take many selfies.

Another common strategy is the one and only taking selfies. Just get your hair and makeup done or get your nose hair trim, just whatever you want to get done on your face to get ready for the most intense solo photoshoot session ever. Experiment with different lighting and backgrounds. You can also seek one patch of well-lit wall in your abode which is totally uncluttered and clear of all flaws.

  1. Use a decent camera. Borrow if needed, or borrow a friend.

You are the classiest human and you always seek quality. Amazing non phone cameras aren’t built with selfies in mind. So seek your spot and snap away the best pictures of yours. If you have taken 100 pictures, 99 of them will be the worst, but that one solo picture will make all the difference. All you need is one decent picture for your LinkedIn profile.

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