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The New WordPress 3.6 Is Now Here

There is good news for all the bloggers. The new and improved WordPress 3.6 is here with the latest features to enhance the experience of blogging. The new version of WordPress is dubbed as “Oscar”. It is a 5.2 MB

What to do if your blog is hacked?

A hacked blog is the worst nightmare that a blogger can have. This is more so in case of popular blogs. You are bound to get panic if this happens with you, but staying your calm is the first and

Top ways to make money from your blog

Gaining respect and earning money are two of the main reasons why most of the people take to blogging. If your blog gets a good traffic, then there can be no limit to the money that you can earn from

Tips to ensure safety of your blog from hackers

Hackers are always on the lookout for vulnerable sites and blogs that they can hack. If you feel that your blog is safe from hackers, you need to think twice. It is not impossible for hackers to break into even

Embeddable Facebook Posts for Your Favorite Blog

Did you always want to share the Facebook posts on your blogs and website, but did not know how to? Well, for your great relief, Facebook has just eased up the tension from its user’s shoulders by making embeddable public

How to make your food blog popular?

Food blogging is one of the hardest forms of blogging. Unlike all other blogs, there is an utmost need to be authentic while giving new knowledge to the readers. If you are not a foodie yourself, you may find it

How to drive audience to your blog?

No blog in the online world can run solely on traffic coming through search engines. Successful bloggers use a number of strategies to drive audience in large number to their blog. Your blog should have the ability to hook the

How to add Photo to Blogger Header?

Do you want to make the blog interesting and appealing and at the same time, you want it to appear different from other online blogs. Well, here is a trick. Try converting the text header into a photo header. It

12 Blogging secrets from the experts


Blogging is nothing short of an art form. People who know the tricks have made them a fortune while there is no dearth of people who blogged for several years without getting any returns. Wrong blogging strategies can disappoint even

Blog Commenting a Good SEO Strategy or a Spam?


Blog commenting is being used as an SEO strategy by many for quite a long time now. But, soon after the introduction of Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, its usage has become a matter of hot debate. Each and every